Thursday, October 20, 2011

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  1. Nice try the ccda exam, but the app has many bugs.

  2. I bought this app, but there is only 36+20 models and can not be saved to disk.
    I am running Maverick and Cinema 4D. JohnJay

  3. I want my money back!
    I was ripped off! The package I have not found the files. C4d!!!

  4. I purchased learn calculus from app store, installed it on my daughters computers but I also wanted to install it on my computer and it gives a message that it's installed I then wanted to buy another copy to install it on my computer but I can't seem to be able to do that. Could you give me a hand with this?


  5. Cant edit with 3rd party photo editor. Can you publish a list of ones that will work? Your app description says any photo editor.

  6. not compatible with mac book air 11,bottom part of the screen is missing and no way reach these buttons at the bottom,can i get my money back?

  7. Just bought PS Actions but, not mentioned on the app store's blurb, the fact that it's only CS6 that gets the actions installed automatically, CS5 and the earlier PSs' one has, apparently, to find the Actions folder and install them manually. What? each and every one? A 1000+? A 1000+ times over!!!
    I open the Actions folder and look for atn files/folders? and immediately am in limbo-land: what to do?!!
    Your tiny little box of info' is somewhat cryptic and for me who has a near phobia of the process of software downloading, contains scant detail.
    Is it possible for me to get my money back I wonder?

  8. i purchased your house music app yesterday from the apple app store and i was wondering how i would go about adding the software to my garageband library. Thank you.